Cascading recombinance

Cascading recombinance from Matt Webb

all of this is nothing compared to what will be.

this is early email, rabbit phones. this is technology demo, scoping the terrain and guessing what's going to be

in the future the infosphere will be as aether around us and you'll be able to make hiphopalikes by the dozen in five minutes

every cool thing made today is a dead end. each thing pulls together strands of technology and makes a knot, then leaves it.

but in the future every thing will also be a strand, ready to be knotted. and this'll happen suddenly. there'll be a way to combine and recombine, to mix and match, platforms and media and messages.

one day soon we'll get there, then it'll be a cascading recombinance and everything you play with now will be redundant. but that's okay, because you'll be able to make it yourself like that ><

it's *about* to happen on the www, very very soon now. and as that permeates the collective unconscious, it'll happen in the real world too.