Backburner Month 16: Alien Truck Simulator

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What is it? A video game about driving around an inscrutable world.

There's not much more to it: just a world, with a barebones (and probably slightly inscrutable) set of objective that ask you to go from unexplained place to unexplained place. Unlike the previous game ideas I've described like Albulaan and Tales, I didn't intend for this to be procedurally generated: just hand-created grand and unexplained places.

Why write it? This is actually a slightly newer incarnation of an older small idea I had: a walking simulator built around a series of bizarre atmospheric places, filled with surrealist imagery you might find in something like the Codex Seraphinianus or Le Garage hermétique. I like the idea of driving around even more, though, in part because I just enjoy games about driving, and in part because the idea of having somewhat inscrutable signage that still reads as signage sounds like a lot of fun.

Also it would be good Blender practice for me.

Why the name? I guess this is the post where having an obligatory “name explanation” section in every post becomes really really unnecessary, huh?

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