Backburner Month

I am an inveterate project-starter.

I just can't stop. I'm awful at finishing projects (which I've mentioned before) but my brain finds the novelty of new ideas too tempting to stay away from. And it's rare for me to fully abandon a project: I'll stop thinking about it for years, and then suddenly decide to open it up and work on it a bit more, pushing it slowly but inexorably towards a completed state like Zeno's Issue Tracker.

Such projects are my backburnered projects. I do still think about them, and I do want to return to them—some day, although not any specific day—but they're not at the top of my priorities at any given point. And I was recently considering how to give them a bit more love, how to bring them back into mind, how to push them along by at least tracking them or giving them a rough plan.

So here's what I'm gonna do this month: every day, I will post a short blog post about a backburnered project. I've got far more than can fit in a month, so I've formulated some specific requirements for what sorts of projects I'm going to write about:

Each backburnered project will be given a few paragraphs: the what, the why, how far I've gotten, and of course why I chose the insufferable and impossible-to-remember name I gave it. (If I ever go back and finish any of these projects, I'll also edit the relevant posts to point to them, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!)

Backburnered projects index

  1. Van De Graaff (software)
  2. Virgil (software)
  3. Delve (tabletop game)
  4. Rakonteto (software)
  5. Albulaan (video game)
  6. Parley and Beholder (software)
  7. Apicius (software)
  8. The Last Alliance of Men and Elves (tabletop game)
  9. Endsay (software)
  10. Tales (video game)
  11. Palladio (software)
  12. Morphosyntactic Trek (fiction)
  13. Petri (software)
  14. The Emissaries of Guenashk (tabletop game)
  15. Hypsibius (software)
  16. Alien Truck Simulator (video game)
  17. Lektor (software)
  18. Bunyan (software)
  19. Yan Tan Tethera, or Those Who Return (tabletop game)
  20. Bytor (software)
  21. The King of Cups (fiction)
  22. Cube Cotillion (software)
  23. Guns & Gasoline (tabletop game)
  24. Gitnode (software)
  25. The Stray Dog Trilogy (video game)
  26. Melvil, or Aloysius (software)
  27. Caverns Old (tabletop game)
  28. PicoML (software)
  29. Potrero and Treant and the rest (software)